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Original Hogans Diner
Original Hogans Diner

The Hogan’s Family Diner tradition began shortly after World War II, when George Hogan, Sr. opened the original Hogan’s Diner in Piermont. In the 1950’s, he opened the main diner in Nyack along with Hogan’s Tavern on Route 303. In the Early 1960’s, George opened a classic steel-car diner on Route 59 in West Nyack.

In April 1970, Janet and George Hogan rebuilt the steel-car diner into a large bright diner that remained on the site until January 21, 1990, when it made way for the present-day Palisades Center Mall. During two decades, Hogan’s Diner became a landmark familiar to generations of Rocklanders.

In 1996, Rockland County residents saw a new Hogan’s Diner in Orangeburg, inaugurated by the secondgeneration Hogan brothers Nick and Daniel. With Nick in Orangeburg, George Jr. in Nyack and Daniel in Stony Point, the brothers continue the family business begun by their father George, 50 years ago. And so the Hogan’s Diner tradition continues today, providing Rocklanders with great food at great prices.

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We are a family friendly diner with excellent service. We offer daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner specials at a great price.

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